Putting humans in control of their own destiny

What we do

Seed stage investments
We invest in early stage, high potential startups that reinvent the way people do things.

Biotech investments
We invest in biotech startups that contribute to human longevity and make lives more meaningful.

We make small gifts to 501(c)(3) organizations that perform human longevity-centered research.


We exist in a world filled with chaos, disorganization and irregularity. Technology, rather than taking control from us, is better used to empower people through valuable insights and in-depth understanding that augments and informs our decision making.

Our mission is to provide people with the right tools to leverage technology and become more effective in the long run. By growing and organizing knowledge we hope to combat the chaos that challenges humanity, expanding understanding of the world as well as our productivity, performance, and longevity.

Featured Investments
Partners. Visionaries.

Insilico Medicine

Artificial intelligence platform for drug discovery, biomarker development, and aging research.


A new world of possibilities for drug discovery and materials design.

Turn Bio

Reversing aging by reprogramming cells.


Cutting-edge AI software with the latest hardware to solve complex national security challenges for America and its allies.

Our Partners

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